What is LALIGA Academy

What is LALIGA Academy:

a commitment to grassroots


LALIGA's global initiative to support, promote and bolster LALIGA Academy football around the world.

A commitment to the present to build the LALIGA Academy football of the future.

We offer different programmes aimed at young players which are based on a global experience structured around four fundamental pillars: Football, education, culture, entertainment and LALIGA's experience.

What are the different programmes?

The training and competition programmes are adapted to each age group and level. We offer players the experience of living, training and competing the same way that any LALIGA youth team or professional player would.



Annual high-performance programme. For boys and girls aged between 14 - 18 years with a high proficiency level and experience in clubs, academies and professional or semi-professional youth teams.

Academy Madrid

Academy Madrid

For boys and girls aged between 13 - 18 years from all around the world who are looking to improve their performance. A personal growth experience in an international and multicultural environment.

Camps Madrid

Camps Madrid

Short- and medium-duration international camps where you can experience LALIGA from within through sporting, educational and cultural activities.

All our programmes are backed by the best coaches and professionals of LALIGA, having been designed from the know-how and the knowledge obtained throughout the years by the best professionals of Spanish football.

Training Stages

Training Stages

High-performance Football visits in Spain for international groups and players in order to improve their collective and individual preparation and development.

Academies and Clubs

Academies and Clubs

Projects and actions in collaboration with LALIGA clubs. Collective intelligence and experience at the service of national football.

A 360-degree experience


LALIGA's training programmes are aimed at all players who wish to perfect their abilities and ball skills under the LALIGA methodology. With training adapted to each age group and skill level, LALIGA provides the best professionals and resources to guarantee a unique experience.

Culture and entertainment

Activities and cultural trips in a country with a history and heritage unmatched in the world. The players will get to know its culture and its people, learning and expanding their horizons from day one.


International and personalised education programmes, combined with language teaching and preparing players for the world of work.

LALIGA Experience

Visits to LALIGA clubs, attending official LALIGA EA SPORTS and LALIGA HYPERMOTION matches, entry to stadiums and museums, and much more to get to know the best competition in the world from within.

LALIGA is much more than just football

Many young people dream of being professional footballers, but only a few make it. Our commitment to education forms the cornerstone of our projects, in which we bring LALIGA's methodology and passion together with a firm commitment to the personal and academic development of youngsters.


Education as a vehicle for development

Players are the core of our project, and their comprehensive education the ultimate goal of our involvement.

Sport offers us a unique tool for instilling values and principles in young people, a vehicle through which we promote a series of competencies and socio-emotional abilities which favour their development far beyond the sporting arena, all within a multicultural setting.


Health as the foundation of our values

Today more than ever, health is a constant concern for families and crucial for players.

We look after the players with personalised and constant assistance, providing them with a medical service with full health coverage and a network of hospitals and medical centres at their disposal.


Personal and continuous attention

The players will be accompanied at all times by their tutors who will be responsible for guiding them throughout their stay.

A 24/7 service aimed at ensuring the personal wellbeing of every youngster, supporting them during their adaptation during the first weeks and attending to any needs which may arise.

LALIGA methodology

It consists of a structured LALIGA Academy football training process which is adapted to each stage in the player's evolving development

At the end of the process, players will reach the peak of their performance, while at the same time acquiring a series of cross-cutting competencies which will be key to helping them in their adult lives.


Tactical and cognitive


Technical and coordination


Physical and fitness


Psychological and socio-affective

Any questions?

This is a collection of the most frequently asked questions.

We help you find the answers.

Are they official LALIGA programmes?

Yes, all of the programmes are managed and coordinated fully by LALIGA, with in-house professionals trained in the LALIGA methodology.

Where do these grassroots football programmes take place?

We have programmes around the world, both in Spain and internationally, where LALIGA has developed programmes in 38 countries.

Are the grassroots football programmes open to all levels?

The Camps and Academy programmes are open to all levels, while Talents is an exclusive programme accessed by means of a selection process which takes into account, among other criteria, the player's level and their previous sporting record.

What are the enrolment requirements?

A desire and enthusiasm to learn, improve and enjoy a unique experience, as well as being passionate about football.

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