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Exclusive high-performance programme for the best young talents from all around the world.

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Level: high performance



What is LALIGA Talents?

What does LALIGA Talents offer young talents?

  • The best opportunities for promising young football players
  • International experience in Madrid
  • Live and study in a unique state-of-the-art complex
  • The leap you need towards a career as a promising young football player
  • Training football with the best professionals
  • Top international school with an American or Spanish programme

What does the LALIGA Talents include?

The boys and girls of LALIGA Talents will train using the most innovative methods and resources in modern football in one of the best football academies in Spain.
Academic programme
Sporting programme
Services included

American Academic Program

Middle&High School (9-12 grades) at the ESC International School within the same facility.
Courses to prepare for American university with SAT exams.
College applications advisory.
Academic psychology and pedagogy service.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP)

International Baccalaurate program in English at Ágora Internation School 500m from the ESC complex.
Preparation for american and european universities.
College applications advisory.
Academic psychology, pedagogy and councilor service.

Language academy

Intensive English tutoring courses.
Spanish and other language classes.
Spanish culture.

Scholarship programme for promising young football players

In addition to the training football programme enjoyed by the LALIGA Talents athletes, there are certain university scholarships available to these talented football players to study at the best universities in Europe and the United States

Admission process

Athletes looking to become a promising young football player must go through a previous admission process. You are one step away from becoming a young talent, contact us and start the process!

STEP 1. Contact the admission department

Fill in the online form, or send an email showing your interest in being part of the process to:


or call us at:

+34 680652173

SETP 2. Interview

A telematic interview will be arranged with the candidates and their families to get to know them better, and hear about their experience, expectations and their interest. In the interview, information about his sports and academic CV will be requested.

STEP 3. Submit documents

Some documents will be requested from the candidate in order to move forward with the Admission process:

  • Full videos of games (real game situations) and highlights.
  • Sports CV.
  • Transcripts from school.

STEP 4. Candidates’ assessment

Analysis of the candidate's sporting profile by LALIGA technical directors, and academical and personal by the pedagogical team of the ESC International School.

STEP 5. Admission

An acceptance letter will be sent to the candidate, informing about the next steps and the payments.


A state-of-the-art facility, which is unique in the world and includes football fields, residence, international school and different common areas for the players.


Common areas


Sports facilities

LALIGA methodology

It consists of a structured LALIGA Academy football training process which is adapted to each stage in the player's evolving development


Tactical and cognitive


Technical and coordination


Physical and fitness


Psychological and socio-affective

Enrol in one of our programs in Spain

We currently have three programmes in Spain which vary based on their level of competition, objective and duration.
Academy Madrid

Academy Madrid

For boys and girls aged between 13 - 18 years from all around the world who are looking to improve their performance. A personal growth experience in an international and multicultural environment.

Camps Madrid

Camps Madrid

Short- and medium-duration international camps where you can experience LALIGA from within through sporting, educational and cultural activities.

Any questions?

This is a collection of the most frequently asked questions.

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What kind of players is LALIGA Talents looking for?

The programme is aimed at players with a high level and who demonstrate great potential. Players with a good record at academies and/or professional or semi-professional club academies, and who are capable of training and competing at a high performance level.

Is the football training programme open to all levels?

To take part in the Talents programme, a selection process is carried out which takes into account the player's playing level and previous record.

What is the objective of this programme for young football talents?

The LALIGA Talents programme aims to develop talent and train players to a professional level, generating a context that favours the all-round development of the young players and leads to new opportunities in the future.

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