Coaching Education

Top level education to continue with your professional career.

What is LALIGA Coaching Education?

Familiarise yourself with and learn the LALIGA methodology and take the definitive step up in your coaching career.

Who is it for?



Training Programmes

Training actions for groups of foreign coaches.

Training Course

Specialisation course structured by levels, areas of knowledge and based on the LALIGA coaching methodology.


Elite Training (Spain)

Stage in Spain for coaches with technical visits, attendance at matches/competitions and unique training session given by professionals from LALIGA and its clubs.


Coaching Masterclass

Specialisation sessions for coaches on a specific subject.

Profile of the instructors

Extensive professional experience of our coaches.


Juan Florit

Head of LALIGA's sporting projects department


Carlos Casal

LALIGA’s sporting projects coordinator


David Garcia

LALIGA's coaches and methodology coordinator


Saul Vázquez

Senior coach specialising in sporting projects

Juan Florit

Head of LALIGA's sporting projects department

A graduate in Physical Education and Sports Sciences (specialising in Sports and Football Management) and a UEFA Pro coach with experience in different LALIGA Academy football categories, he completed his academic training, among others, with an MBA in Sport Management from the Real Madrid Graduate School - UEM, combining his studies with practising football as a player and forming part of the academies of clubs such as Atletico Madrid.

Passionate about the world of sport, he has had the opportunity to have lived and experienced this environment from practically every angle: as a player, coach, coordinator, sporting director, and founder and manager of a sports services and consulting company.

He has been part of the LALIGA sporting projects department since its inception in 2015, and since that time he has placed his experience and knowhow at the service of the sporting and international strategy of the institution, which has led him to carry out projects in more than 35 countries around the world.

Carlos Casal

LALIGA’s sporting projects coordinator

A graduate in Physical Education and Sports Sciences and a UEFA Pro coach, he also holds a complementary Master's in Analysis of the Game and Teaching Methods in Football.

After carrying out LALIGA Academy coaching roles in Spain, Carlos was selected in 2015 to lead LALIGA's first in-country sports development projects, performing the roles of coach, educator, scout and methodological consultant in collaboration with different clubs, federations and international leagues.

He currently holds the post of sporting projects coordinator at LALIGA, duties which he combines with directing and teaching a range of master's and postgraduate courses related to performance analysis and training methods in football.

David Garcia

LALIGA's coaches and methodology coordinator

David Garcia is currently the coaches and methodology coordinator in LALIGA's sporting projects department and one of the directors of the Master's in Analysis, Methodology and Management in Football taught by the LALIGA Business School.

A graduate in Physical Education and Sports Sciences, specialising in high-performance training, and a UEFA Pro coach, he has also received specific training on fitness training in football, having completed the master's taught by the UCM and the RFEF.

The bulk of his professional career has taken place at professional clubs, one of them Atletico Madrid, where he worked for nine seasons, performing the roles of coach and fitness coach, as well as having formed part of the methodology department and coordinated the youth categories.

He has formed part of the institution since 2018, contributing his national and international experience to favour the development of the different areas covered by the sporting projects department.

Saul Vázquez

Senior coach specialising in sporting projects

He is a graduate in Physical Education and Sports Sciences, a UEFA Pro football and futsal coach, with a Master's in Fitness Training in Football (RFEF) and a postgraduate qualification in Analysis of the Game and Analysis in Football.

He began his career in the RC Deportivo de la Coruña youth academy, where over the course of eight seasons he acted as a coach for different categories, as well as a scout and analyst. He also worked as the technical director and coordinator of the youth football academies and a coach with the senior terms. Following a season in 2B as a fitness coach and analyst, combining these with his professor's duties for a number of subjects at the RFGF, Saul joined LALIGA's sporting projects department in 2015, working as a coach in China and India for almost six years. He currently holds the post of senior coach specialising in sporting projects, promoting and helping to expand football and the international projects developed by LALIGA.

LALIGA methodology

It consists of a structured LALIGA Academy football training process which is adapted to each stage in the player's evolving development


Tactical and cognitive


Technical and coordination


Physical and fitness


Psychological and socio-affective

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Football Schools

Football Schools

Permanent training programmes of a social nature, with an approach that combines play with education, applied by local coaches.

Camps & Clinics

Camps & Clinics

Short-duration camps where you will experience LALIGA from within. Learn and improve your abilities alongside LALIGA’s top professionals and enjoy a unique experience with fun and special activities and workshops.



Talent selection processes at a set venue and time, carried out by LALIGA’s specialist coaches.

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